Business Advice

Are you setting up a new business?  Do you need valuable business advice?

Starting up a new business brings all sorts of questions and stresses for the owner.  Ease your worries by getting in touch with us for comprehensive, friendly business advice. We deal with a variety of different businesses every day, which puts us in a perfect position to give you business advice on what to do and what not to do when starting a new venture.

One of the main difficulties when starting up is to find the funds to fall back on during the first few years. All businesses find it tough, to begin with - it's important to stick to the principles that will see your business grow from the very beginning.  This will allow you to be successful in the long term.

Obtaining funding can be a very frustrating task.  This is where our business advice regarding the options available can be invaluable:

Start-up loan?
Bank loan?

There are various ways of obtaining funds, but each avenue has its own difficulties - get in touch today so a member of our team can assist you in obtaining the best source of funding for your business.

Another important decision is to decide what type of entity to start up as.  This is another avenue in which our business advice can set you on the right track from the start:

Sole Trader?
Limited Company?

Each option has its pros and cons - contact us so that we can run through the advantages and disadvantages of each possibility with you. Our business advice can help you plan the major building blocks of your company.  We can then tailor our accountancy services based on the option you choose.
Give our friendly team a call today and take advantage of our expertise and knowledge.